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People analytics services

Reinforce your recruitment. Assess your candidates’ skills and knowledge with Tidal's people analytics services

Smart tests for smart hires

What's the secret to "getting it right on the first go" when it comes to recruitment? A comprehensive and evidence-based screening strategy. 

At the candidate screening step of the recruitment process, it can be difficult to get a true sense of the candidate's technical proficiencies and aptitude level, especially when the hiring manager is not in the same profession. 

Tidal administers an online testing tool (via a third party platform) that allows employers to create job-based skills tests to find their perfect hire. Leverage advanced people analytics software for a data-based understanding of 400+ candidate skills.

Equip your hiring team with the toolkit to progress the right candidates and ensure the wrong ones don’t cost you valuable time and energy. 


The analytics advantage

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Increase the quality of recruited candidates


Efficiently streamline the selection process

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Target specific job-related skills

How does it work?



Tidal creates a custom skills test for your unique position

Tidal will work with work you to create the test best-suited to your ideal candidate, including questions on workplace functions and topics. From Admin to Accounting and everything in between, each test is based on job-specific skills.


Tidal tests your nominated candidates

Provide Tidal with shortlisted candidates to progress to the assessment stage. They will be notified, briefed and sent a link to complete the test online. 



Receive a custom report 

Team Tidal will email you a collated report on how the candidates performed. They will debrief th details, provide an analysis comparing candidate results and can make a recommendation.

Available topics

With over 500 subjects and 4,000 sub-topics, not a skill is left untouched. See a few of the most popular topics below.

  • Full Microsoft Suite packages

  • Attention to Detail

  • Numerical Reasoning 

  • Adobe Suite 

  • Sales Force 

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Logical Thinking 

  • Verbal Reasoning 

  • Typing

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