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Get rewarded for referring

Receive $100 when someone you've referred is successfully placed in a role by Tidal.

How it works


Gain their permission

Get in touch with the person you'd like to refer and receive their permission to pass on their contact details to Tidal for a specific position.


Submit your application

Submit your referral using our simple application form below. Alternatively, you can call us on 0415 552 541 or email

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Confirm the details

We'll get in touch to confirm the details of your referral and the terms and conditions


Receive your $100

We'll reach out to your referred candidate and have a chat about the role you've referred them for. If they are successful in the role and pass their rebate period, we'll get in touch to organise your bonus!

Submit a referral

Thanks for submitting!

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Terms and conditions

  • The referred candidate must give their permission to be referred for a specific role

  • The referred candidate must be placed in the role they have been referred for within 3 months of referral

  • The referred candidate must pass the agreed rebate period

  • The referred candidate must not already exist in Tidal Recruitment Partners' candidate database

  • If the referred candidate is introduced to Tidal Recruitment Partners by more than one referrer then we will operate on a first come, first served basis

  • The referrer is not able to recommend themselves as a referred candidate

  • The amount of referral fee paid shall be up to the advertised amount of $100 AUD

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